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Why we exist

Why we exist is the inherent driver for our team and our business. It is not to make a profit. That is the outcome of doing what we do but it is not why we do what we do.

We discovered that a majority of the Hiring Managers at a company were unsure whether they are working with the most suitable recruitment agency for their hiring needs. They were not confident that their recruitment partner was promoting their business positively as an employer of choice. 80% were concerned that their recruitment agency didn’t have access to the best candidates available in the market place.

And this very opportunity to stand out from the crowd is the first step in building our business.

We desire to make a difference.

We knew from the beginning we wanted to do something more meaningful.

In the course of conducting a market research for starting our business, we came across a range of different issues with current practices in contractual staffing.

The exploitation in contract employment is one of the biggest concerns for us.

It was surprising for us to know that many contract employees had nothing written down about the basic terms and conditions they were employed under. Though, most employer company were at least vaguely aware that their contract staff should have something in writing, but their outsourcing agency did not initiate appropriateness in the contract.

It is quite common in India for recruiting agencies to delay or deny salary to contract employees. 90% of contract staff has an overdue of their monthly remuneration to a staggering average of 2 months!

With all these learning in mind, we defined our purpose and vision not as an outsourcing agency but as a “joint employer”’ to our employer client.

Our purpose talks to our heart, Our vision talks to our brain.

Our purpose of being a sincere and honest recruitment agency gives our services a meaning and this easily answers why we exist. Our purpose is more than an explanation of the things our business can provide or a summary of what our business does. It’s the “why” that propels our company’s existence and covers the impact we desire to have on the entire recruitment industry.

We have a strong sense being genuine at the heart of our organization that gives each of our staffing solutions a reason for their existence beyond just serving clients. And this definitive sense of collective purpose drives us to innovate and transform better.

Behind our business lies this desire to make a difference that explains our existence. This vision gives our company a meaning and defines its place in the world. Our vision is more than what we say on our company website. It dictates our company’s actions and drives our internal team forward.

We use our purpose and vision to guide everything we do.